Cork Flooring



Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree (Querus Suber) which grows in the western Mediterranean. The cork bark is formed from layers of extremely strong flexible cell walls that are waterproof and airtight. The cork tree produces this bark to provide protection from droughts, fires, temperature fluctuations and other damaging environmental conditions. This tree has a life span of 200 - 500 years.


The first stripping takes place when the tree is 25 years old, thereafter, stripping is repeated every nine years. At no time during the life or the tree is more than 50% of the bark removed. Harvesting of cork is not harmful to the tree. During the cork manufacturing process, all material is either used for a finished product, or used to generate energy used in the fabricating process. Very little, if any material is wasted. This makes cork one of the most environmentally sensitive products available.


Cork Flooring


This unique natural raw material with its lightweight, flexible honeycomb structure, is impermeable to liquids and gas, which makes it an ideal material for a myriad of household products. The properties of cork are derived naturally from the structure and chemical composition of the inner cells. Each cubic centimeter of cork contains between 30 and 40 million cells. It is this exceptional cellular structure that gives cork its essential characteristics.


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