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Empire Carpet Center is a certified flooring dealer for all the major brands and is centrally located in New York City. We have over 500 Styles of Carpet to fit any Budget. Call us and discuss your decorating dreams with our highly trained design consultants.


Carpet is designed to fit virtually every purpose, decorating style and budget. Searching for a classic plush frieze? Looking for a luxuriously smooth saxony? Seeking the sophistication of intricate patterns?

Carpet offers thousands upon thousands of colors, styles and




textures that will be perfect for your home.


Carpet offers the broadest color and style combinations as well as visual and actual textures. Soft and warm underfoot, carpet can go over most any surface. Styles and grades for every pocketbook.


Feature Products: SmartStrand® with DuPont™ Sorona®





Introducing the next generation of carpet that delivers fashion without fear.

You’ve always enjoyed the look and feel of carpet. But there’s a little voice inside that wonders whether it will hold up to everything life has to offer. The spills and the stains....>>More



SmartStrand Challange


• Excellent Wear

• Excellent Texture Retention

• YES (37%) Renewably Sourced


• Excellent Stain Protection
• Lifetime Warranty



Carpet Collections:



Empire Carpet Center has a wide selection of flooring products from the top manufacturers in the industry. And as a certified flooring dealer for all the major brands Empire Carpet Center has the largest selection of Mohawk Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate and Tile available to any Mohawk dealer. Please select from one of our featured collections by clicking on one of the manufacturers logos below.



Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries is one of the world's largest floor covering manufacturers and distributors and is a leading producer of yarn, ceramic tile, area rugs and bath mats.




Shaw Floors is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of flooring. Top quality carpets, area rugs, ceramic tile, hardwoods, and laminate flooring in an array of colors and styles.





Milliken With roots dating back to 1865, Milliken & Company made its mark as a true worldwide leader in textiles. Milliken carpet represents a true marriage of function and form, offering unparalleled advantages in style and innovation, flexibility and performance, and value and price.








Other products available please call us for details.




Carpet Education:



With a little basic understanding about the different types of wood floors you can be better prepared and more confident in your selection. Wood floors are produced in both solid and engineered planks and strips and come in a wide variety of wood species. To help determine which type of floor will work best for your situation depends upon the location within your home and the type of subfloor


Carpet Types


Cut Pile


Cut pile:  Still one of today's most popular constructions, cut pile achieves its durability through the type of fiber used, density of tufts and the amount of twist in the yarn.  Highly twisted yarn will hold its shape longer, making it a smart choice for high-traffic areas.


Textured Plush — Most decoratively versatile.  Textured surfaces help hide footprints and vacuum marks.  Add causal beauty to any room.  Preferred style for busy households.  A great “whole-house” carpet.



Saxony — Refined surface. Works will with traditional

interiors.  Ideal for living and dining rooms



Friezé — Forms a "curly" textured surface because yarns are extremely twisted.  Has an informal look.  Helps minimize footprints and vacuum marks



Plush (Velvet) — Has a dense luxurious feel.  Shows footprints and vacuum marks easily. Best for low traffic areas and formal rooms


Level Loop Pile


Level loop pile:  Here loops are the same height, creating an informal look.  This style generally lasts a long time in high-traffic areas.  Many of today’s popular Berber styles are

level loop styles with flecks of a darker color on a lighter background.  This is a good choice for contemporary to cottage furnishings.


Cut and Loop Pile


Cut-loop pile:  This carpet style combines cut and looped yarns.  It provides variety of surface textures, including sculptured effects of squares, chevrons and swirls. The multicolor effects hide soil and stains.


Mulit-level Loop Pile


Multi-level loop pile:  This style usually has two to three different loop heights to create pattern effects, providing good durability and a more casual look.





Fiber Types:


Nylon Nylon

Nylon is the most common of all carpet fibers, and its high durability makes it a popular choice for areas of the home that receive high foot traffic. Resistant to most dirt, this fiber is also known for its ease of maintenance.


• Durable, resilient

• Abrasion-resistant

• Versatile in coloration


• Favorably priced

• Must be treated to be stain- and soil-resistant

• First used in carpet in 1959

• Commonly used in residential and commercial applications

• Accounts for 65% of all face fibers in carpet


Nylon PET Polyester

This is an excellent fiber choice for the budget-conscious. Polyester shares many of nylon’s wear-resistant properties, but

lacks the same degree of durability.


• Color clarity

• Colorfastness

• Resistant to water-soluble stains

• Noted for luxurious "hand"

• Offered primarily as a staple product, although some BCF is being produced

• 100% of Mohawk's Staple Polyester is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles


Nylon Triexta PTT

A completely new form of carpeting where fibers are extruded from a new generation of polymer, giving the carpet exceptional durability along with built-in stain-resistance, color clarity, colorfastness, a luxurious softness and ease of maintenance.


• Permanent, built-in stain protection

• Wear-resistant

• Ease of maintenance

• Luxurious softness

• Quick-drying

• Currently used in residential applications and as BCF


Nylon Olefin or Polypropylene

This fiber was first used in carpets designed for the outdoors and in spaces with high levels of moisture and humidity. Color-fastness, resilience and piling are important benefits of this fiber. Polypropylene fiber is also recognized for a luxurious appearance and outstanding softness.


• Resists fading

• Inherently stain-resistant

• Limited color selection

• Generates low levels of static electricity

• Chemical-, moisture- and stain-resistant

• Favorably priced

• Offered primarily as BCF with some staple product available


Maintaining Your Carpet`s Beauty:



The best way to ensure long-lasting beauty, comfort and durability in your carpet is to vacuum it regularly, as it prevents soil from becoming embedded in the carpet’s pile



Depending on the type of carpet you have, you’ll want to use a vacuum with a rotating brush, a beater bar or suction only. If you have shag carpet, use a suction-only vacuum cleaner with no beater bar



Consider professional cleaning every 12-18 months, depending on traffic and other use factors, frequency of vacuuming and whether the carpet is a light or dark color



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